Meeting with OM

"Darshan is the return of the inner beloved, the rediscovery of the divine self. Welcome home."

OM C. Parkin

Meeting an impersonal teacher of the silent tradition is an intense, silent experience. OM teaches people to explore the illusory world of the ego and accompanies them on the path of awakening and back into the core of their SELF.

In Darshan, OM makes himself available for enlightening conversations and being together in silence. His clear and at the same time loving response to the questions and messages is an invitation to listen openly and in a completely new way with the heart.

Everybody is invited to ask questions or to share. OM accompanies you to trust in love and to fall into silence. You are very welcome.

OM Online: Darshan English December 16, 2021

This was the first online Darshan dedicated to English speaking people after a long time. Feel free to see the recording here.

Om Online English


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