Retreat with OM

Power of the source 

Darshan stands for the direct vision of the divine and is an invitation to your innermost being to listen awake and receptive to the heart. It is a simple, relaxed and intense encounter that happens in naturalness and silence.

This weekend retreat with four gatherings with OM gives you the opportunity for a little time out and introspection with a spiritual master.

Everyone is invited to ask questions or to share. OM’s answers have the clear flavor of uncompromising truth and infinite tenderness of true touchability. The questioner is guided from the difficulties and distractions of the surface back into the depths of their SELF.

Embedded in this retreat with OM is an additional accompanying offering in the afternoon by a teacher from the Enneallionce – School of Inner Work.
Under their guidance you can follow up what you have heard and experienced in the Inner Work once again in an in-depth exploration.

Please book your accommodation directly at Seinz Wisdom Resort by email hallo@seinz.de. Single, double and shared rooms with full board. Prices depending on category: € 139,- to € 109,-.

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As an introduction to the retreat we recommend the following article by OM C. Parkin:

Der Riss in der Zeit



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