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What is a spiritual teacher, and what makes him wise? How can he help me in my search and why can I confide in him?

Wisdom is a central term in the teaching of the Eternal Philosophy. It is a random product of the ego: the ego dies, wisdom stays. The wisdom teacher teaches the eternal philosophy to the seeker through direct experience. Wisdom teachers of all traditions point to the inner gate. A spiritual master knows this gate, because he has crossed it himself. He knows the paths that lead to and through the gate. He knows the tests on the way, the dead ends and possible aberrations. He knows the bliss of Being, because he once reached it. And experiences it anew every moment. He has realized it in himself and accompanies the student on his way.

OM embodies in his work the link between Eastern non-duality and Christian mysticism, of depth psychology and philosophy, beyond the limits of religions and confessions. In the course of this, he often refers to the tradition of Advaita, which has been revived in the 20th century by Shri Ramana Maharshi, Shri H.W.L. Poonja, the American Gangaji and others (neo-Advaita). OM acts in the tradition of these teachers and by being rooted in early Christian teaching. His work in the tradition of silence can be described by three functions: teacher (of wisdom), healer (of the soul), seer (of the heart).

"If I summarized the spiritual teaching in a single book, its title would be: A Life without 'I' ." *

OM is wide-awake, highly concentrated, and totally present. He appears hanseaticly sober and reserved, and yet at the same time, one has the feeling that nothing escapes his gaze, that he sees things to the core and directly into people's hearts - (not always) in a friendly way, but always incorruptible. His directness is disarming and enlightening, touching and often painfully burning. This makes him a mirror for us, not always a pleasant one, but deeply clarifying. With the linguistic precision of a surgeon, he exposes people's thoughts and ulterior motivesĀ so that the deepest truth of human nature can appear: "You are stillness. You are free."

Cedric Parkin was born in 1962, and to date, lives in Hamburg. He studied psychology and the teachings of the Enneagram. Furthermore, he was involved with Sufism and Shamanism and worked as a non-medical practitioner. He was a seeker until he met his greatest teacher - death.

"The accident was grace itself" *

On August 6, 1990, Cedric Parkin dies in a fatal car accident. He is brought back to life by the doctors but remains in a coma for days. This shock releases an experience of awakening, in the still darkness of his dying he meets his immortal Self.

"I had the great good luck of being granted a total experience, not only immaterial but also impersonal, in which duality dissolved. Yet I am certain that the illusion would have revived itself, if I had not met an awakened teacher a short time afterwards" *

Shortly after the accident OM meets the American Advaita-teacher Gangaji. Being enlightened herself, she understands his experience and guides him deeper inward. OM's realization deepens to the total and impersonal recognition of: I AM THAT. Thankfully he writes to Gangaji in 1994: I speak through your mouth, because it is mine. This is the no-place where I meet you not as a student, not as a teacher, not even as a brother. As your SELF.

*All quotations fromĀ OM

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