OM-Online: Darshan EN

OM in Darshan

This is the first online Darshan dedicated to English speaking people. We are excited to invite you to join us on zoom having a personal dialog with OM! Of course you can just join in silence as well, receiving words of wisdom through your own heart.

Darshan is the direct vision of the divine, in Sanskrit, blessed vision, appearance or revelation of truth.

Darshan is also an expression for the charisma of a human being that has realised his or her true nature. Mahatma Gandhi had darshan, Ramana Maharshi had darshan. It describes the vision of, or the meeting with a saint or a spiritual teacher. Darshan is a tradition in which the  silent mind is transmitted. This can happen in a non-vocalised way or in a vocalized way as is the case in darshan with OM.

You will find the information for the connection one week before the next OM-Online here on the page.

Participation is on a donation basis:
On site Darshan with OM costs €25,- per person. The non-profit OM Foundation Inner Science has set itself the task of promoting the spread of deep wisdom teachings – Darshan with OM is one form of this. Therefore we ask for your support with your donation! Via Paypal or bank transfer – see below for details


Information for the connection can be found here

You will be redirected to the OM Foundation Inner Science website....

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